In this project, my objective was to create an impactful A2 data visualisation poster that effectively communicates the biggest fears of students. The main focus of the visualisation was to capture the physiological responses associated with fear, particularly in terms of breathing and heart rate.

By highlighting the connection between fear and physiological changes, the visual representation aimed to engage the audience and provide insights into the experiences of students’ fears.

The central concept of the poster revolved around the relationship between fear and heart rate. It was well-established that fear often leads to a significant increase in heart rate, and this physiological response became the central theme of the visual representation.

To effectively translate fear data into a visual format, careful consideration was given to capturing the attention of the audience. The primary visualisation technique employed was a series of clusters composed of warped circles. Each cluster represented a specific fear, while the lines within each cluster indicated individuals who identified that fear as their greatest.
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